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Chukchi Sea Environmental  Studies Program

The Chukchi Sea Environmental Studies Program (CSESP) was sponsored by ConocoPhillips, Shell Exploration & Production, and Statoil USA Exploration and Production. In June of 2008, the companies deployed a team of leading marine research scientists to the Chukchi to begin work on an integrated, ecosystem-based environmental studies program of the region. Olgoonik-Fairweather, LLC provided program management from 2010 through 2014.

Considered by the scientific community to be one of the most successful multidisciplinary oceanographic studies in the history of the U.S. Arctic, the research findings have more than doubled the amount of science available on the Chukchi Sea ecosystem. All seven years of environmental data are shared freely with the public through NOAA and the Alaska Ocean Observing System (AOOS) websites.

MY ROLE: Concept, copywriting, UX and visual design of public-facing media, including website, posters, video, and publications. 

CSESP Website

(site retired November 2020)

The CSESP website is the public portal for legacy information related to the the study program. The site provides detail on the CSESP safety record, science disciplines studied, project teams, and technologies deployed. During active study seasons, the site supported real-time tracking of the research and support vessels that supported the study program.

CSESP Commemorative Book

Safety ⋅ Science ⋅ Technology ⋅ Teamwork

My role in the creation of the 68-page CSESP Commemorative Book was principal copywriter and publication designer. 


My roles in the development of the CSESP ATC Award video was script writer and editor, project manager, and production coordinator.

DVD Data Labels

The DVD data labels were a unique and entertaining design challenge done after each research season.