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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) commissioned our team to develop a mobile app and website to give aviators access to land-based weather cameras. Access to weather cameras provide pilots with real-time situational awareness of weather trends to support route planning.

MY ROLE: As lead UX  and visual designer, my role in the project included:


  • Pilot interviews
  • Definition of project goals
  • Persona development
  • Requirement elicitation
  • Low-fidelity wireframing
  • Map-based symbology development
  • Menu icon design
  • User testing
  • Hi-fidelity prototyping

Below: AvCam mobile app prototypes displaying home screen, global navigation options, and icon-based navigation arrays.

Below: AvCamPlus website displaying symbology system based on FAA standards. Symbology systems allows pilot to discern current and pending weather conditions at-a-glance. A decluttering system reveals additional data sets as pilot zooms in.
View FAA AvCams Site

One of my key contributions to the website was the development of a standards-based symbology array that is color-coded by weather severity. This allows the pilot to discern at-a-glance the trending weather conditions in the area in which they plan to fly. A decluttering schema reveals additional data as the pilot zooms in.

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