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Member Portal, Golden Valley Electric Association

Our team team worked with Golden Valley Electric Association (GVEA) to streamline the utility’s Member Portal and eBill platform. We produced multiple iterations on each workflow to create a strong signal-to-noise ratio for ease-of-use within the portal. Final portal was built in the Bootstrap framework.

MY ROLE: lead UX researcher and prototype maker, lead visual designer, UX/UI presentation lead, and user testing coordinator. We used Balsamiq for initial low-fidelity wireframes, and Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign for the high-fidelity prototypes. I worked closely with our lead developer to ensure quality control and consistency of UX and visual design elements.

Member Portal Login

The Member Portal landing page provides GVEA customers with a clean-and-simple login experience.

  • Text fields, labels, hints, and buttons employ UX best practices to support customer success.
  •  Use of ample white space subdivides content into visually manageable “chunks”.
  • Rotating image series of prototypical GVEA members adds warmth and humanity, while reinforcing GVEA’s commitment to people.
  • Dynamic messaging module in lower right broadcasts current events and infomation of value to members.


My Accounts Landing Page

The My Account Landing Page provides GVEA members with a simple choice of three main options: View and Pay Bills, Review Usage History, and Update profile.

  • Main navigation options use a standard accordion pattern to show-and-hide content and controls.
  • Icons and text labels in main navigation differentiate categories.
  • Use of consistent UX standards for text, text fields, color palette, and typographic hierarchies throughout the domain.

Pay My Accounts

The Pay My Accounts screen supports members in viewing and managing payments for one or many individual accounts. Our goal was to employ rigorous workflow analysis to simplify the payment process for members.

Members can view the current status of each account, and manage payment details by payment amount, payment date, payment method, as well as schedule recurring payments.



These are a few of the wireframes produced in the early going. The goal of wireframing was to provide stakeholders with iterative prototypes to guide team conversations and decision-making toward an optimal product.


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