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I start with paper and pencil to explore initial concepts for logo design projects. The speed and spontaneity of pencil is suited to the brainstorming process. From the pencil sketch phase I move to Adobe Illustrator for refinements and final rendering.

The mission of CHOICES is to enable individuals to achieve behavioral health through personal choice and ownership of outcomes. The logo represents growth, outreach, community support, and positive results. The project was funded by the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority.

LEO Logo
The Local Environmental Observer (LEO) Network project provides local observers with the tools to share their knowledge of environmental change. The blue band represents three environments impacted by environmental change—atmosphere, water, and ice. The circle represents totality, wholeness, and cyclical processes.

eCHAM Logo
The Electronic Community Health Aid Manual (eCHAM) project is part of a telemedicine initiative to improve medical outcomes in rural Alaska. One of the concepts I proposed included a blueberry metaphor and the “Healthcare. Everywhere” positioning statement. Blueberries are a healthy, traditional food source found in every region of Alaska. Blueberries are easy to access, easy to work with, and healthy for body, mind, and spirit.

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