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Renewable Energy Atlas

The Renewable Energy Atlas of Alaska publication promotes the economic and environmental benefit of harnessing Alaska’s clean, local, and inexhaustible energy resources. I managed the budget and schedule for the publication project, delivering concept, design, and production of print-ready files. I selected the offset print vendor based on competitive bid, and managed the print budget, schedule, and quality control of each edition. The project was sponsored by the Alaska Energy Authority and the Renewable Energy Alaska Project.  

The inaugural edition of the Atlas received the Project of the Year award by the Alaska Survey and Mapping Conference.

Atlas Cover

The cover design features a frieze of images that establish the scope of energy resources covered statewide: wind, hydroelectric, solar, tidal, biomass, and geothermal. I designed and developed the publication using Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Books were printed via four-color process on dull-coat text and cover stock, 24 pages plus cover, full bleed. Quantities were  approximately 15,000 books each of four print editions.


The two-page spread features a color-coded map of Alaska delineating wind power classes from 1 (poor) through 7 (superb). Geo-referenced data maps are Esri ArcGIS products provided by my colleague in our GIS department.


The Hydroelectric map displays the location and capacity range of both existing and potential hydro power projects.

Associated text provides additional detail on current and pending renewable energy projects in Alaska.


The geothermal map displays the location and capacity range of geothermal resources across the state. Use of geothermal resources falls into two broad categories: direct use, and electricity production.

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